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Frequent Asked Questions

Why shop with us?

We act as a reliable intermediate platform for sellers and buyers to complete a deal. We have appointed Molpay Sdn Bhd as our payment gateway service which you can make the online payment with peace of mind.

What is the protection for buyer?

We will only treat the deal as accomplished after the buyer has received the items. However, if there’s no acknowledgement from the Buyer within 7 days after the delivery has been confirmed by the Seller, the deal shall be treated as accomplished.

Why become a seller in GEFAVOR?

  1. For full time seller

Why not? It’s because this is a platform for you to get extra customers and earn more. At the same time, we will help to manage your order, payment and prevent fraud buyer. All the orders that you have received was already successfully making payment without much concern.

  1. For traveler

Fully utilize your luggage space and time to cover the travel expenses.

Can I get the product that is not listed in the selections?

Yes, by sending the request to the seller and make the payment after they found and posted the item.

How does it charge?

We will only charge on seller. If you are interested to become a seller, please register yourself @  for further details.

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